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Single Leg Calf Raise Exercise Tutorial For Runners
Single Leg Calf Raise Exercise Tutorial For Runners

Find out how to do Single Leg Calf Raises with correct form and technique

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A Single Leg Calf Raise is performed by setting yourself up by stepping one foot up onto a raised platform, such as a plate.

Place your working leg at the edge of the platform such that the heel drops over the edge and the toes are on the plate.

Drive the heel up so that your working leg is on its tip toes and then slowly lower the heel back down to achieve a slight calf stretch. After completing your repetitions on one side, repeat on the other leg.

Your front leg remains off the platform and is used for balance. To further help with balance, engage your core and look straight ahead.

If you're using a weight such as Dumbbells, try to keep these steady throughout the exercise.

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