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Good Morning Exercise Tutorial
Good Morning Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to a Good Morning with correct form and technique.

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Good Mornings are a really good hamstring specific exercise, which also work the hip flexors, abductors, lower back, glutes and quadriceps.

To set up for this exercise you should come under the bar placing it where feels most comfortable on the upper back with your palms facing forwards gripping the bar. You should then stand up removing the bar from the rack and take a few steps forward. You should stand with a slight bend in the knee and your toes pointing forwards.

While engaging into the core, hinge at the hips bringing your upper body down to look at the floor. Only go as far over as you can without allowing your back to bend. Throughout, you should ensure your head and neck are in line with your back by looking ahead when standing and down towards the floor when bent over.

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