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Bent Over Row Exercise Tutorial
Bent Over Row Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Bent Over Row with correct form and technique

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The Bent Over Row works the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids and posterior deltoids. We can perform this exercise with any weight including a Barbell, set of two Kettlebells or Set of two Dumbbells.

You should set up with your legs hip width apart with a slight bend, your body lent over at a 45 degree angle and your arms shoulder width apart holding your weight of choice. From here, you should pull the bar in towards the bottom of the ribcage sending the elbows back at a 45 degree angle and looking diagonally ahead to the floor in front.

You should be trying to avoid having any swing in the movement and with each movement you should be squeezing into the upper back. You will be using your lower back and core to prevent any bending in the spine.

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