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Floor Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise Tutorial
Floor Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Floor Dumbbell Bench Press with correct form and technique

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The floor Dumbbell Press is a great way to build strength in the chest, shoulders, triceps and deltoids. The reduced range of motion in comparison to the traditional bench press reduces the risk of over straining the shoulders by creating less external rotation through the shoulder.

To set up lie on your back on the floor. Plant your feet into the floor with your knees bent up. You should be engaging your core, pushing your spine into the ground. Get hold of your Dumbbells holding them with a 90 degree bend in the elbow, so that your upper arm is along the floor and your fists are above your elbows. Your upper arm should be away from the body, at an angle that feels comfortable to you between 45 and 90 degrees away from the body. From here, press the weights towards the ceiling so that they fully extend above your head. Bring the arms back down, resting your elbows and upper arm on the floor between each repetition.

Take care at the end of the set to place the Dumbbells back onto the floor safely and in control.

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