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Lateral Leg Raise Exercise Tutorial
Lateral Leg Raise Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Lateral Leg Raise with the correct form and technique

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A Lateral Leg Raise (or lateral leg lift) is a body weight exercise that targets hip abductors, lower back, core and glutes. It is a simple exercise that focuses on strengthening the hip abductors, but by engaging the core and glutes throughout the movement it will also help improve improve posture.

Lie on your side on the floor and support your head with your lower arm. Bend both knees slightly out in front of you to provide support. Throughout this movement, make sure your hip is pressed forward and you are not leaning backwards. Straighten the top leg out long and slightly out in front of you - don't allow the leg to kick behind you. Slowly lift the leg up whilst maintaining a straight position and strong core. As you lift, squeeze your glutes and keep stomach tight. Repeat on the same side before switching.

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