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Coach Ben's Warm Up & Cool Down Routines
Coach Ben's Warm Up & Cool Down Routines

Improve your running by adding a warm up and cool down to your training plan

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Warm Up Routine for a Steady Run

In this video, our head coach Ben Parker will guide you through a short warm-up routine ahead of your easier runs. These dynamic exercises and stretches will help loosen you off and improve your mobility before you head out for your run.

Warm Up Routine for a Harder Run

Join Ben for a short warm up before your tempo or interval session. It is important to prime your body for those faster efforts to reduce your chance of picking up an injury because you went too hard on muscles that aren't quite ready to go!

Cool Down Routine

In this video, Ben will walk you through a short cool-down routine. These exercises are intended to aid your body's recovery after a run, reducing the impact of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

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