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Top recommended running books
Top recommended running books

Ready to level up your knowledge in the running game? Check out the guide below to our top rated running books

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2022 is the year whereby everyone is trying to level up and gain those 1% where possible. Reading is becoming more popular and especially those books that are going to help you achieve your goals.

Born To Run explains the natural benefits of long-distance running, and how you can become a better runner too, based on several years of research, experiences, and training. It gives you an insight into how to do this all without getting injured. A very educational read with clear information and history on running.

Run Like Duck is the ultimate guide for the new runner. It provides relatable experience for all runners. It provides the bridge between comedy and actual running advice that can help you become a better runner.

This book allows you to look beyond your everyday life and gives you an insight into how to live your life more adventurously. Whilst this book isn't specifically about running, as runners, we all know that the hardest part about going for a run and this book allows you to move from the 9-5 and teachers you to live between 5-9.

David Goggins, the running inspiration. Can’t Hurt Me is a story of a man who came from nothing. A man who, like Rich Roll above, altered his life’s trajectory to become the ‘Fittest (real) man in America’. The story centres around Goggin’s theory ‘The 40% Rule’, which details how the vast majority of us only tap into 40% of our mind and body’s capacity. We'd recommend the audiobook which features exclusive live commentary from the man himself.

This is simply on the list because we feel that everyone needs to know this story. The rise of Nike and how it came from nothing. This story is wholesome however still demonstrates that everyone starts from somewhere. It portrays the struggle of starting a business, the effects this has on relationships and the impact of having relationships with the stars. A good read!

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