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Top-tips for choosing the right running shoes
Top-tips for choosing the right running shoes

Different shoes have different functions, check out this guide to help understand the differences.

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The world of running shoes is overly complicated these days but is something that you should aim to understand to make sure you're setting yourself up for a successful running journey. We recommend purchasing your running shoes from a trusted running shop that will be able to professionally fit your shoes, letting you try them out running on a treadmill. Some retail stores may offer a form of gait analysis to ensure the shoes fit your form.To guarantee maximum comfort and injury prevention while running, you should aim to change your running shoes if you start to notice a noticeable reduction in cushioning and support, typically after around 250 miles of use. All of the different types of shoes have their own pros and cons, and its worth understanding this to be able to make the right choices for your body and the type of running you want to be doing. Check out the functions of each type of shoe below.

Everyday running shoes

Everyday running shoes will be your go to pair of trainers for your routine training. The aim of these shoes is to provide comfort, toughness, and versatility which you can depend on daily. These shoes tend to be made of sturdy materials that can survive the wear and tear of regular use, which makes them a more sensible and affordable option for most runners. Everyday running shoes are perfect for those looking for a dependable and comfort pair of running shoes which could be warm on any run, making them a go-to choice for casual runners up to athletes. If you are interested in finding a pair that suits you check out our top 5 everyday shoes.

Carbon/race shoes

Carbon running shoes are made to perform as well as possible during competitions. They have a midsole made of a lightweight carbon fibre plate that provides excellent energy return and propulsion with each step. These shoes are frequently worn in high-level contests when runners are aiming to improve their personal best times by seconds or minutes, they are worn during track races up to marathons. Although carbon race shoes have become popular because they can increase running efficiency enabling athletes to maintain faster paces they might not be as suited for regular training due to their low durability and higher price. If you are interested in finding a pair that suits you check out our top 5 carbon running shoes.

Trail shoes

Trail shoes are made specifically to perform well in off-road running environments. These shoes have characteristics intended to perform well in harsh conditions, often having a sturdy outsole with a high grip base to deal with uneven terrain and prevent slips and falls. In order to protect the foot trail shoes often feature a strong and supportive midsole. They are the footwear of choice for hikers and trail runners where stability and protection are the primary requirement. Trail shoes are crucial for those looking for comfort, durability, and protection in their off-road running adventures. If you are interested in finding a pair that suits you check out our top 5 trail shoes.

Tempo & interval shoes

In order to balance performance and durability during intense training sessions, tempo focussed running shoes are the perfect shoe to utilise. These shoes have a sensitive midsole that offers a modest amount of energy return and support making ideal for interval training, tempo runs, and speed workouts. Tempo/interval running shoes do not tend to have a carbon fibre plate like racing shoes but do have features that assist runners in maintaining speed and get the most out of their training. They provide a reliable alternative that can survive the demands of routine hard use without the high cost and shorter lifespan associated with carbon race shoes. This makes them a viable option for runners aiming to increase their speed and endurance in varied training settings.If you are interested in finding a pair that suits you check out our top 6 Tempo shoes.

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