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Runna's Top 6 Tempo Shoes
Runna's Top 6 Tempo Shoes

Looking for your next speedy tempo shoe? Check out our top 6 favourites.

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You might think there is a shoe for everything and you would be right! Just as we have the best easy running, road workout and trail running shoe we also have the best 'tempo' shoes. A tempo shoe is meant for those days dedicated to the art of running fast. So it can work as a daily trainer, but its core mission is to help you hit the paces you need during workouts and saves you from wearing your race day shoes week on week.

However, the same running shoe won't suit every runner and every run. When it comes to finding the right pair, many personal factors come into play: your biomechanics, your weight, the surface(s) you run on, the shape of your feet and your preferred ‘feel’.

We have put together our top 5 favourites and we hope you love them too.

This is the perfect shoe in so many ways! It is very light, very responsive and its sole purpose is to go fast. The shoe is a cross over between the Novablast range (mileage shoe) and the Metaspeed range (race range) but with a much more pleasing price tag.

The ASICS Magic Speed 3 is a lightweight carbon plated shoe that can be used for your speed/track workouts or even be used as your race day option. It is a rigid shoe but allows for decent cushioning and is very responsive. Best worn for tempo workouts, speed workouts and even longer distance racing. It really is a versatile shoe!

The Hoka Mach X is an excellent new speed trainer which has a versatile ride. It has a soft, energetic ride as a result of the Profly X layer in its midsole. The Mach X fills the important role of the plated speed trainer which has been missing from the Hoka lineup. The Mach X not only provides a versatile ride but is also very stable especially when running at faster velocities. It is a very durable shoe and the energy return is great. However we would recommend sizing 1/2 size up to your normal as it does come up a little smaller.

The Nike Zoom Fly 5 is supposed to be the replacement for the Pegasus Turbo 2 and a training companion for the Alphafly Next%. While having a very unique and highly responsive ride, the Zoom Fly 5 rides much firmer than the Pegasus Turbo 2 and a little too firm for easy and marathon paced runs. It's best suited to fast runs below 15 kilometres. It has a very comfortable upper with no heel slippage. the outsole and midsole foams are incredible durable and the forefoot is explosively responsive. However it does come up short with an expensive price tag and feels clunky and harsh on those easier and slower paced runs.

The New Balance FuelCell Rebel v3 is a lightweight daily trainer with a flexible forefoot. It has a super soft ride and can handle a wide range of paces. Version 3 has more outsole rubber for added durability, a thicker midsole for more cushioning and a wider base for extra stability which makes it a better daily trainer. The V3 is far more stable and durable than the other versions and it has great versatility. Probably most importantly though it can increase through different speeds very well. However, we also recommend sizing up a little in this shoe and this new version is heavier than V2 so bear that in mind!

The Adizero Boston 12 is a trainer recommended for mid to long distance running. There is no carbon plate but carbon rods which add lightweight stiffness to propel you forwards; providing a race day feel to your training. They are cushioned yet super responsive and provide a quick burst of energy. Again, if you like a firm shoe, these are for you as they feel sturdy but also protective. The shoe genuinely feels great across a range of paces making them perfect for tempo sessions with different speeds.

The ON Cloudboom Echo 3 is your ultimate speed shoe. Coupled with meticulously engineered cushioning for a race-tailored fit, you're well-prepared to set new records. The Cloudboom Echo is super light weight, with a maximum weight of 215g. Whether you're a competitive runner or someone who simply wants to improve their pace, this trainer is tailored to meet your needs. Its combination of lightweight design, precise cushioning, and race-oriented fit makes it an excellent choice for tempo training, ensuring that your workouts are not only effective but also comfortable.

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