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The importance of a deload week
The importance of a deload week

Deload weeks, or recovery weeks, are essential to making the most out of your training - giving your body time to recover

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Training hard all of the time is not only unachievable but it's also taxing on the body. Training at a high intensity every session can build cumulative fatigue within the body and lead to an increased injury risk, as well as being mentally fatiguing.
Welcome the DELOAD week, the best friend you never knew you needed! A deload week is sometimes feared by athletes because they feel they will lose their fitness but it actually does the complete opposite.

Why do we do a deload week?

  • It allows your body to adapt to all of your recent training

  • It will mentally refresh you, so you can look forward to getting back into your next block of training

  • It will allow you to truly overcome underlying fatigue in the body, reducing injury risk

If you complete deload weeks correctly and ensure that you listen to your body, you will feel more energised, in turn finding yourself improving quicker.


Take the extra time that you get in a deload week to focus on your body's recovery. Read our below article where we've covered our top-tips to recover from your tougher sessions as quickly as possible and keep those injuries at bay.

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