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Walking Lunge Exercise Tutorial
Walking Lunge Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Walking Lunge with correct form and technique

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A walking lunge is a really simple exercise that you can do almost anywhere! This exercise can help increase your range of motion and flexibility through the hips and hamstrings.

A walking lunge is performed by taking a large step forward and planting the front foot flat into the ground whilst bending the back leg such that the shin is parallel to the ground. This is then repeated, travelling forwards in the space you are working with.

Runners performing a walking lunge on the track at one of our previous events.

It is important to make sure you are not pushing your front knee too far forward, and that it remains over the ankle or shoe laces. Additionally, you should be looking forwards with your shoulders sitting over your hips. Ensure to look ahead and engage your core for balance.

It is easiest to finish each lunge with a step together to maintain balance and form, however if you are looking to progress this move even further you may wish to continue to step through with each lunge, and not come back to the neutral position. This will increase the work on your core due to the additional balancing requirements.

If you are finding this movement easy, you can progress this movement by adding dumbbell or kettlebell weights in each hand. Hold them with your arms hanging by your sides and shoulders pulled down and back.

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