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Walking Lunge with a Twist Exercise Tutorial
Walking Lunge with a Twist Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Walking Lunge with the correct form and technique

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A walking lunge with a twist is a dynamic full-body exercise that will increase your range of motion and flexibility through the hips. It does not require any equipment but will require a little bit of space.

A simple walking lunge is performed by taking a large step forward and planting the front foot flat into the ground whilst bending the back leg so that the shin is parallel to the ground. This is then repeated, travelling forwards in the space you are working with. It is important to ensure your front knee does not travel too far forward, and remains over your ankle or shoe laces. Additionally, you should be looking forwards with your shoulders sitting over your hips. Ensure to look ahead and engage your core for balance.

Adding the twist gives a nice stretch through the hips and will work on your stability. When you lunge forward with your right foot and the knee is lowered towards the ground, rotate your upper body from your midsection towards your right side (i.e. towards the forward lunging leg). You should feel a stretch down the left side as your twist. Twist from the upper body whilst keeping the hips looking forward. In a slow and controlled manner, bring the right foot back and return to the starting position. Switch to the other side as you continue you moving forwards.

Top tip! When you lunge forward and twist, make sure to keep your core and glutes engaged, and be careful not to rotate your knee in or out.

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