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Seated Barbell Overhead Press Exercise Tutorial
Seated Barbell Overhead Press Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do Seated Barbell Overhead Presses with correct form and technique

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The Seated Barbell Overhead Press will primarily target the shoulders, while also working into the trapezius, triceps, core and lower back.

To set up for this movement you will set a bench up facing towards the rack. Hold the bar with your hands one and a half shoulder widths apart and palms facing away from you. Lift the bar up and off the rack and bring it into your chest keeping your elbows tight by your sides and feet planted firmly into the floor. Powerfully press the bar up above your head, trying to keep your head still whilst also being aware not to drive the bar into your chin. Bring the bar back down in a controlled manner, before repeating the movement.

In order to get more power into the movement and step it up a level you can exhale as you powerfully press the bar up and inhale as you bring it back down in control.

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