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Press Up Position Shoulder Tap Exercise Tutorial
Press Up Position Shoulder Tap Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Press Up Position Shoulder Tap with correct form and technique

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The Press Up Position Shoulder Tap is a great way to work into our shoulders and also into our core at the same time.

Begin this movement in a strong press up position with a straight line running down from the top of your head, through your spine and to a point equidistant between your feet. Place your feet slightly wider than a typical press up position to prevent a rock through the body when performing the exercise.

From here you will bring one hand to the opposite shoulder at a time trying to minimise movement throughout the rest of the body.

In order to progress this movement you can increase the speed of your shoulder taps or you can bring your feet closer together which will require you to have a greater engagement of the core in order to minimise rocking. If in doubt perform the exercise with greater control and quality before progressing.

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