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Hanging Straight Leg Raise Exercise Tutorial
Hanging Straight Leg Raise Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Hanging Straight Leg Raise with correct form and technique

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The Hanging Straight Leg Raise is a more advanced version of the Hanging Knee Raise. Again, this exercise primarily targets the abdominals and hip flexors, making it a great exercise to improve core strength and stability for runners.

Set up for this exercise by gripping the bar with palms facing forwards and body hanging underneath. From here, you should raise your legs out in front of you to make a 90 degree angle between the legs and the upper body. Remaining in control, bring the legs back down and tap on the floor.

A man performing a hanging straight leg raise

To progress this movement you can eliminate the tap on the floor between repetitions or bring your legs higher than 90 degrees and all the way up to the bar. When choosing to progress the movement bear in mind that you should minimise swing throughout the exercise, and if you do begin to find yourself swinging, progress down a movement until you have built up full control.

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