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Figure of 8 Exercise Tutorial
Figure of 8 Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Figure of 8 with correct form and technique

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The name 'Figure of 8' comes from the way you will be moving your feet in this exercise, although they will actually be moving in a sideways 8 or infinity sign. This exercise requires really strong control of your core muscles and you may also feel it working into your hip flexors.

This exercise is done lying down on your back with your hands placed under your bum to support the natural curvature of your spine. From here raise your feet up so they are a small distance from the floor. Begin moving your feet in a figure of 8. You should repeat this both clockwise and anticlockwise to ensure you work both sides of your body equally.

Throughout you should be thinking about keeping your head flat on the floor with your eyes looking up and having your back pressed into the floor, engaging your core.

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