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Standing March Exercise Tutorial
Standing March Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do Standing March with correct form and technique.

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A Standing March is a great hip flexor exercise that requires minimal equipment.

Begin by standing tall with your feet hip width apart and a resistance band looped around both feet. Keeping your foot in a dorsiflexed position (i.e. foot flat), drive your knee up and use hip flexors to maintain control as you lower your foot back down. Alternate one side at a time. Choose a resistance band that gives a good amount of tension but still allows you to march with control and keep good balance. Remember to engage your core, keep your head up and looking ahead and your pelvis tilted forwards.

If you struggle with balance on this one, then you can use a wall to support yourself. Stand directly opposite a wall with arms out straight, holding on for support, leaning your body at 30 degree angle towards the wall.

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