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Full Star Jumps Exercise Tutorial
Full Star Jumps Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do full Star Jumps with correct form and technique

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Gone are the days where you can jump your legs out and back in over two movements, here we will be learning how to do Full Star Jumps.

Full Star Jumps will work your entire body, including muscles such as the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, core and hip flexors, whilst also working your cardiovascular system, improving your overall fitness level.

To begin a full star jump you should squat down, with your arms hanging down and hands touching your ankles. From here, you should extend your legs, jumping up explosively and bringing your arms and legs out wide to form an X shape. Whilst still in the air bring your arms and legs back together, landing and immediately regaining the same position you started with.

To make this a little bit easier you can perform the same movement starting with only a slight bend in the knee and your hands into your chest, removing the need to touch your ankles between each repetition.

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