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Burpee Exercise Tutorial
Burpee Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Burpee with correct form and technique

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A Burpee is a really simple body weight full-body workout. The Burpee improves your cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance as well as working your chest, quads, glutes and hamstrings. This makes it a great exercise for runners to build power and endurance for their running.

For the most basic burpee, take your hands down in front of you, bending your legs, then jump your legs back so that you are in a press up position. From here, jump your legs back into your chest and stand up tall.

To advance this movement, once we reach the press up position we can bring our chest down to the floor and press back up. This is like a hand release press up.

A further addition to the movement is to add a jump with your arms above your head once you reach the standing position.

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