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Travelling Press Up Walk Out Exercise Tutorial
Travelling Press Up Walk Out Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a travelling press up position walk out with correct form and technique

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The travelling press up walk out is a bodyweight exercise that strengthens the abs, deltoids, obliques and triceps, whilst building muscular endurance in the chest, shoulders and arms. It is a great movement to incorporate into a warm up as it works a large amount of the upper body without being too strenuous.

Whilst keeping your legs straight bend over forwards and walk your hands out in front of you all the way into a press up position. Then walk the toes back in towards the hands, again keeping the legs straight until you cannot go any further, at which point you can start walking the hands out again.

In order to get the best out of this exercise you should take a slight pause once you have reached the press up position and ensure you are engaging your core in this position.

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