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Double Arm Clean and Press Exercise Tutorial
Double Arm Clean and Press Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Double Arm Clean and Press with correct form and technique

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The Double Arm Clean and Press works a large range of muscles including the hamstrings, glutes, calves, quads and biceps in the clean and the deltoids, traps and triceps in the press.

Set yourself up with your feet hip width apart and your Barbell, Kettlebells or Dumbbells on the outside of your feet. Keeping your back flat, bend down and pick up the weights. Bring them slightly off the floor. From here, bring your body upright whilst simultaneously bringing your arms through and into the clean position, before then pressing them up into the air. In the clean position you should have your elbows in, next to your chest and your hands by your shoulders. You can keep a bend in your knees and then extend your legs to help push the weights into the air above your head.

You should be aiming to keep your heels on the floor as you go down through the movement, but you can lift them to add momentum when doing your knee drive. Your back should stay flat throughout.

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