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Single Arm Clean Exercise Tutorial
Single Arm Clean Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Single Arm Clean with correct form and technique

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The Single Arm Clean is a really great exercise for a large range of muscles. It works the hamstrings, glutes, calves, spinal erectors, quads and biceps.

To begin the exercise start with your feet in a strong stance as if you were to squat with the dumbbell between your legs. Reach down and grab the dumbbell and powerfully bring it up to your shoulder. In this process the dumbbell will rotate so that you finish the movement with your palm facing towards your body and your elbow is in next to your chest. Then release, and bend your knees as you bring the dumbbell back down to the floor before repeating.

Throughout the exercise you may find it helpful to hold your opposite arm out to the side for balance, but it is up to you where you put it. Ensure to keep a straight back when bending to place the dumbbell back onto the floor. This is aided by making sure your core is engaged throughout.

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