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Recommended Hydration Vests for Any Runner
Recommended Hydration Vests for Any Runner

Thinking of buying a hydration vest? Here are some of our favourites to stay hydrated on those longer runs

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Why should you use a hydration vest?

When heading out for long runs you often have a long list of things you need to bring with you and they don't all fit in the pockets of your running shorts! A hydration vest allows you to hydrate on the go without having to carry a water bottle and allows you to carry your energy gels or sweets as well as your phone, car keys and rain coat. Additionally some races, particularly ultras, have mandatory items which can not be carried without some form of pack.

Do I really need to hydrate on the go?

For a run over 60 minutes in length we would suggest having water with you. The amount you drink will depend on many factors including how much you are sweating (dependent on temperature, genetics) and how much you are used to drinking. Staying hydrated on a run improves your recovery time after the run as well as maintaining your energy levels throughout the run.

So which hydration pack should I buy?

First of all, we recommend buying a running specific hydration vest as these are designed to wick sweat away from your body and reduce movement whilst running.

Here are some of our recommendations:

A running pack

£95, 2 colours, unisex, carries 1.5L water

10% discount available in offers section of our app

Running vest

£80, 4 colours, unisex - also have women's specific vests available

This is another option if you don't like the feel of a hydration pack or only need to carry a small amount of water.

A running belt with water bottles

£9.99, 2 x 170ml bottles on a running belt, one size fits all

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