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Single Leg Isometric Hamstring Hold Exercise Tutorial
Single Leg Isometric Hamstring Hold Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Single Leg Isometric Hamstring Hold with correct form and technique

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A single leg isometric hamstring hold targets the hamstrings whilst also engaging the glutes.

Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. We will eventually move into a bridge position, but first of all, place the heel of on foot on a step, bench, box or chair. The other leg will be hanging free in the air. Push yourself up into a bridge, engage your glutes (squeeze your bum cheeks!) and hold the contraction at the top for 20-30 seconds. Keep as still as possible as you focus on keeping your hips up and your heel digging into the step. Lower back down slowly and with control.

When you are in the bridge position, make sure you are tilting your pelvis forward (towards the ceiling). This should turn on the glute muscles and help to keep you back nice and flat.

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