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Single Leg Glute Bridge Exercise Tutorial
Single Leg Glute Bridge Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Single Leg Glute Bridge with correct form and technique

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As the name suggests, the Single Leg Glute Bridge primarily works the glute. This is an extremely important muscle for lower limb stability as they work to stabilise the hips and pelvis, preventing injuries and the glutes are an important source of power in our running strides.

To perform a glute bridge lie flat on your back with your arms by your sides and your knees bent up. Straighten one leg upwards, ensuring your knees stay in line. Drive your hips powerfully off the floor and slowly come back down.

The closer your grounded foot is to your bum, the more this exercise will work your glutes. As you move your leg further away you will begin to work your hamstring more. To ensure you get the best workout, pause for a few seconds at the top of each repetition to really work into your glutes.

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