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Fast Feet Drill Exercise Tutorial
Fast Feet Drill Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Fast Feet Drill with correct form and technique

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Fast Feet is a running drill that focuses on running cadence. It can be used as part of your warm up routine to help you think about your cadence before you start running. It will also activate the muscles in your lower legs, getting you ready to run!

Firstly focus on your upper body. You should be looking straight ahead with your head up, your upper body should have a slight forward lean, shoulder tall and pelvis tilted forward. Keep your elbows tucked in to your sides at a 80-90 degree angle. Make small, quick and exaggerated movements on the balls of your feet and taking short fast steps. The aim is for your feet to land directly underneath your hips.

The focus is not on lifting the knee, or how far you can travel. It is on small, light and fast steps!

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