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Heel Walk Exercise Tutorial
Heel Walk Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do Heel Walks with correct form and technique

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Heel walks are a very simple but effective warm up exercise for the muscle that runs along the front of the shin bone (tibialis anterior). Heel walking also stretches the calf muscles and strengthens the foot extensors.

In a short summary, heels walks are essentially short and balanced steps on your heels. The aim is to point your toes as much as you can towards the ceiling so there is as much dorsiflexion in the ankle as possible. This will help strengthen the front of your shin. Take short steps forward whilst balancing on your heels.

Throughout the movement, the upper body should remain tall with your gaze looking ahead. Keep your elbows tucked in and allow your arms to follow your leg movement. As you take small steps forward, remember to keep your core and glutes engaged.

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