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What are plyometric movements?
What are plyometric movements?

Spotted these movements in your strength plan and want to know more? Here is your introduction to plyometrics.

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Plyometrics (or plyos) are great for runners as they improves power, speed, bone density, balance and running economy. This type of training involves jumping and explosive movements where muscles generate maximum force over a short period of time.

Plyos use our fast-twitch muscle fibres and trains us to recruit these quickly. You might think this is only relevant for sprinters but it is also key for long-distance runners as it allows us to run faster for longer with less oxygen (running economy).

If you are new to plyos it is important you introduce them into your training schedule gradually. They are a high impact form of training so we recommend leaving a 6-hour window between your running and plyometric training. This is due to the timing of your bone cycles and will reduce your chance of injury.

Technique is important when it comes to plyos. Your main goal is to make contact with the ground lightly and minimise your contact - leave the ground quickly!! If your movement focuses on landing (e.g. a box jump), then focus on landing with control.


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