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Interval Run - Run Series 05
Interval Run - Run Series 05

Understanding why you do your run sessions helps motivate you to do them. Here we share everything you need to know about interval runs.

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Intervals is one of your weekly harder sessions and the most important one for helping you get faster!

How hard is hard?

Compared to our tempo sessions, which are run at a comfortably hard effort, intervals push the pace beyond a pace that feels sustainable. The good news is you don’t have to spend too long here! The reps are shorter with periods of recovery in between. By spending time above your 'sustainable' pace, your body adapts and over time will be more comfortable running at these higher speeds.

Pacing an Interval Session

The key with your interval session is to avoid setting out too fast for the first couple of reps that you can’t sustain the effort. Use the first couple of reps to ease into it, find your rhythm and a pace you can keep up consistently until the end. In the rest periods, you don’t need to run but try to keep moving and standing tall without hunching over, to keep your lungs open and to get the Oxygen in!

Benefits of Interval Training

  • Improves speed

  • Increases your VO2 max

  • Improves pacing

  • Pushes you mentally

  • Adds variety to your training

Coach Comment from Beth Potter

Intervals tap into those faster speeds and will push you close to your limit in short bursts. These sessions are testing but will boost your running to the next level whilst also adding variety to your training. Ease into it, take the first rep a bit easier to find your rhythm and finish strong!

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