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Top-tips for race dayOur Runna coaches have got together to provide you with the top tips to get the most out of your race day
How to choose a running goalDo you want to get into running but not sure where to start? We've compiled the ultimate guide to help you choose your next running goal!
Top-tips for race weekYou've put in all of that hard work, now it's time for the final week - find out how to best prepare in the week before your race
Pacing a 5kPacing is an important factor of running a 5k. Here are our top-tips to help you get that PB!
Using RPE in a raceDo you have a trail or hill race? Or just fed up of being reliant on your watch to pace you? Check out our tips on racing to how you…
Recommended Garmin watches for any runnerGarmin watches range from beginner ones with basic features to advanced watches for pro triathletes - we'll help you choose the one for you
Recommended Hydration Vests for Any RunnerThinking of buying a hydration vest? Here are some of our favourites to stay hydrated on those longer runs
Top-tips for returning to running after a breakGetting back into running after a long break can be challenging, but we're here to help. Here are our top tips.
Top-tips on hill trainingInterested in incorporating hill training into your training routine? Find out the many benefits and how to get started.
Top-tips for breathing while runningWe cover our top-tips for improving your breathing techniques while running
Training & Racing Tips for the Saucony 10kWhether it is your first 10k or you are going for a PB, here are some top tips to help you prepare
Top-tips for running in the heatIf you're going to be training in hotter climates, we've covered all of our top tips to nail your training in the heat
Pacing a 10kPacing is an important factor of running a 10k. Here are our top-tips to help you get that PB!
The Monday Morning BluesProcessing the end of a challenge and feeling low? This is the pick up you need
Top-tips for race week nutritionOur coaches have covered all you need to know about race week nutrition for those longer distance races
Top-tips for tapering before a raceGot a race coming up and want to make sure you're prepared? We've gathered together our top-tips.
Top-tips for running during pregnancyExpecting a baby and unsure how to adapt your running? Here are our top-tips!
Top tips on adjusting your training over christmasThe festive holidays can be a fun time but sometimes it's hard to find time to train! We've covered our top-tips to adjust your plan.
Incorporating Parkrun into your trainingWhy should we run Parkrun? and how to work it into our training?
Top-tips for enjoying your long runsFinding your long runs tough and boring? Lacking motivation to get your shoes on and out the door? You've come to the right place
Pacing a MarathonPacing is an important factor of running a marathon. Here are our top-tips to help you get that PB!
The importance of a deload weekDeload weeks, or recovery weeks, are essential to making the most out of your training - giving your body time to recover
Top-tips for running over winterSummer PBs are made in winter - keep that progress going into the winter months with our top-tips
Returning to running post-illnessIf you're unlucky enough to be ill or have a cold recently, make sure to give your body enough time to recover and return to running safely
Introduction to strength training for runnersIt's no secret that as well as helping to reduce injury risk, strength training can also increase performance too - we'll cover why.
Pacing a Half MarathonPacing is an important factor of running a half marathon. Here are our top-tips to help you get that PB!
What is a comfortable pace?Unsure exactly what is meant by a 'comfortable' pace? Here's all you need to know.
Why easy running is important to run fastWant to understand the value of why we set you easy running? Read on here.
Benefits of following a running planWhether you’re training for a specific goal or building your general fitness, there are many benefits to following a running plan
Top-tips to maximise your recoveryHere are all of our top-tips to recover from your tougher sessions as quickly as possible and keep those injuries at bay
Top-tips for staying motivated and accountableOne of the challenges of running can be consistency - so we've covered our top 8 tips for motivation and accountability
The importance of cross-training for runnersIncorporate cross-training within your running plans will not only help you to optimise your training, but can also reduce your injury risk
Returning to running post-covidIf you're unlucky enough to test positive for COVID, make sure to give your body enough time to recover and return to running safely
Top-tips for training around RamadanTraining during Ramadan can be challenging. Check out our top-tips on how to go about your training during this time.
When to complete your strength sessionsWondering how to plan your week best to nail your strength work
How to train for a goal with some extra time to play withGot a race in mind further away than the length of your plan? No problem. Check out our top-tips on how to best prepare for this.
How to keep fit when not training for a specific eventDon't have a specific goal in mind or a race you want to enter? No problem. Check out our top tips.
Hill sessions on a treadmillGot a hilly race coming up or simply fancy mixing up your training with some hill training? Check out our top tips
The importance of a cool downHere are some useful tips on how and why you should include a cool down in your training.
Runna's Ultimate Running Starter GuideHere are our top 6 purchases and considerations to make when starting your running journey.
Runna's Top 6 Tempo ShoesLooking for your next speedy tempo shoe? Check out our top 6 favourites.
Top-tips for choosing the right running shoesDifferent shoes have different functions, check out this guide to help understand the differences.
Easy Run - Run Series 01What is 'easy running' and why is it so important?
Runna’s ultimate guide to shoe rotations for marathon trainingNot sure where to start with shoe rotation? We’ve got you covered!
Tempo Run - Run Series 03Understanding why you do your run sessions helps motivate you to do them. Here we share everything you need to know about tempo runs.
Hill Run - Run Series 04Understanding why you do your run sessions helps motivate you to do them. Here we share everything you need to know about hill runs.
Long Run - Run Series 02What is a 'long run' and why do I do them?
Interval Run - Run Series 05Understanding why you do your run sessions helps motivate you to do them. Here we share everything you need to know about interval runs.
Taper - Run Series 06Tapering is final prep before your race. Here we explain why it is important not to skip this stage
Race - Run Series 07The race is more than just lacing up your trainers and heading out the door. Here is what to expect and how to prepare for race day.
How your menstrual cycle can affect your trainingFind out how to adapt your training plan around your cycle, written by Dr Frankie
Top-tips for Injury-PreventionHere's our top tips for minimising your injury risk when training.