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Benefits of following a running plan
Benefits of following a running plan

Whether you’re training for a specific goal or building your general fitness, there are many benefits to following a running plan

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Accountability and motivation

Having a plan tells you when to run and how your workout is structured. This means you know when you are due to go for a run and don’t spend endless days telling yourself ‘I will run tomorrow’. By buying yourself a running plan you commit psychologically to running however many times you signed up for and are already more likely to keep to a consistent running schedule.

Achieve more

As well as being more likely to run consistently, running plans help you achieve your goals faster. By having a plan that is tailored specifically to your current race time, you know the sessions are expertly designed to help you build up your base fitness level and increase your top end speed, ultimately making you a faster runner across all distances. This is achieved by creating the perfect combination of top end anaerobic work, recovery and base mileage building.


At the end of a hard day at work no one wants to sit down and have to think about what run they should do, how fast and how far. By following a plan, you know how far and how fast you are running so as soon as you arrive home you can get into your running clothes, grab a drink and a snack and head out the door for your run. By making the run as easy as possible for you to do, you are more likely to get yourself out the door and running.

Injury prevention

No one wants to start training for a big goal, and 2 weeks later end up stuck on the sofa from an injury. When following a plan how far you run each week is controlled by experts who ensure that you do not increase your weekly mileage or intensity too much or too fast as this can lead to injuries.

Expert advice

A running plan is created by an expert, who has spent time working out what workouts and runs are the best to avoid injury and increase speed. By knowing you are following the advice of an expert you can feel confident that you have given yourself the best chance to achieve your running goals.


The variety of workouts in a training plan makes following a training plan exciting and motivating instead of just doing the same sessions over and over again. When a session is broken down into sections (rather than just a 30km long run with no structure), it's easy to lose track of time and just focus on the running.

Whether you have signed up for an upcoming race or are just hoping to build a good base level of fitness one of our plans may be for you. To check out our personalised training plans, join Runna today and get your first week free!

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