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Adjusting your running ability
Adjusting your running ability

If you're finding the length of your runs or your weekly mileage to easy or difficult, adjust your running ability

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We have four running abilities within Runna; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite.

Beginner - You can complete a 5km run without stopping, in under 60 minutes

Intermediate - You regularly run at least 5km, but don't structure your training or put thought into a plan

Advanced - You regularly run at least 10km and do some structured training e.g. intervals

Elite - You regularly run half-marathons or further and are experienced with structured training e.g. intervals

Elite Plus - Our highest mileage plan designed for those runners used to running 80-100km weeks consistently

If you aren't currently able to complete a 5km run without stopping, then selecting Run a first 5k as your plan goal is the best place to start!

Adjusting your running ability will change your overall plan, from the length of your easy runs and long runs, to the progression of your speed sessions and ultimately your weekly mileage. Therefore we'd recommend not adjusting your running ability as you progress past the first 2-3 weeks of your plan, since it may lead to back-to-back easy or hard weeks and as a result skip some of the key sessions required for the plan.

Increasing your running ability will increase the length of all of your runs and your weekly mileage too, for the same number of runs per week. If you're finding your runs are currently too long or you're recovering from injury and want to take things steadier, then we'd recommend dropping your running ability down a level.

In order to make adjustments to your Running Ability, first head to manage plan and click on running ability. From here you'll be able to change your running ability to the level which suits you.

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