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How to choose your training mode
How to choose your training mode

Defining your training mode will help us individualise and tailor your plan, and allow you to get the most out of your training.

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One of the key things we can factor into your training plan is your lifestyle, time commitments and goals. No one person's schedule will be the same: some of us have demanding jobs, others are bound by kids timetables, some have to travel for work, some are more injury prone so would prefer less mileage, others might have another hobby which is equally important as running and the list goes on! To get the best plan for your training, you should take some time to think about your training mode. This is an important step which will help you achieve your running goals in the most efficient and effective way for you.

Benefits of Selecting Your Training Mode

By selecting your training mode, you will be able to get the most out of your training. We will be able to tailor your plan based on your lifestyle and goals. This will make it that bit easier to stick to your plan and tick off the sessions. We have three training modes for you to choose from - lets take a look.

Optimal Mode

This will give the best performance. Your training will progress your weekly mileage, long runs and speed sessions at an optimal rate that is appropriate for your ability level. This is the only option available to beginners to ensure you are able to progress safely and feel confident in your running, and is the best option if you are looking to finish your race in a specific time.

Balanced Mode

This will limit how much mileage you do each week but will still get you to your goal whilst making it easier to balance training with your lifestyle. This will progress at a slightly slower rate than Optimal training mode, so if you have an event in mind, we recommend allowing a few extra weeks to build towards your race.

Lifestyle Mode

You’ll progress towards your goal more slowly, minimising workout mileages where possible and limiting fatigue, giving you more time to focus on life outside of training. This is a great option for busy parents, if you have a demanding job or multiple hobbies you are trying to juggle.

Next Steps

You can select your training mode via 'Manage My Plan'. Once you have selected your training mode, we will factor this in along with your running ability and availability to create a plan that is specific to you in every way. We wish you all the best in reaching your goals!

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