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Adjusting your running schedule
Adjusting your running schedule

Your Runna plan will be personalised based on your runs per week, availability and preferred long run day - find out how adjust this

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When you build your plan with Runna, your workouts are automatically arranged in the week based on what our coaches recommend for your schedule.

In order to make adjustments to your Runna plan, first tap on 'Manage Plan' on the 'Train' tab. From here you'll be able to make changes to every aspect of your plan, from your running ability to your schedule. You can also rearrange workouts in an individual week by heading to Edit Week.

How to choose a number of runs per week

We recommend choosing either the number of times you currently run per week or one more. It is important to increase your weekly mileage gradually to reduce the risk of injury, rather than going from 0 to 100.

Which day is best for my long run?

Simply choose the day that suits your schedule the best! We will automatically adjust the rest of your workouts to fit around your long run and other schedules.

How should I choose my available days?

When letting us know which days of the week you're available to run on, select every day available to you so that our engine can choose the most optimal days for you to run on. We'll try to keep your running schedule consistent but adjust it as needed for special weeks such as deload weeks and during taper periods ahead of races.

Which race day should I choose?

If your race is not on either of these days, please select Saturday and get in touch with us so we can advise on how to adjust your final weeks of training.

How can I rearrange workouts within my week?

If you can't follow your running schedule exactly in a particular week, you can easily rearrange workouts in a week by heading to Edit Week and dragging on workouts to rearrange them. We recommend spacing out your workouts where possible to give your body maximum time to recover between each workout.

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