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How long should I make my Runna training plan?
How long should I make my Runna training plan?

How to choose the length of your Runna plan when you're first starting out.

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We want to make your Runna training plan as enjoyable and effective as possible, which is why we've created plans that will help you build towards your goal over a fixed length of time. However, the custom plan length option enables you to work towards any goal between 6 and 26 weeks away, so how long should your Runna plan be?

Training without a race goal in mind? Use one of our recommended plan lengths.

Our fixed length plans were built by our professional running coaches to build you up to your goal within the optimal time frame. The plans are designed so that we can get you to that PB sustainably and enjoyably.

  • New to Running Plan (8 weeks)

  • Returning to Running Plan (6 weeks)

  • 5K Improvement Plan (8 weeks)

  • 10K Plan (10 weeks)

  • Half Marathon Plan (12 weeks)

  • Fast-Track Half Marathon Plan (8 weeks)

  • Marathon Plan (16 weeks)

  • Fast-Track Marathon Plan (12 weeks)

  • Ultramarathon Plans (16 weeks)

If you are using Runna to feel generally fitter, faster, stronger and more confident in your running then the fixed length plans are for you.

If you are using a maintenance plan or another Runna plan to keep fit while you decide on your next goal, using a fixed length plan would be perfect to keep your training consistent and steady.

Don’t forget, you can switch plans at any time by going to Manage Plan > Start New Plan within the app.

Training for a specific race or event goal?

If you are training for a race, or want to achieve your goal within a specific number of weeks then we recommend choosing a custom plan length and creating a plan that exactly matches the amount of time that you have available.

As with any question with your training, if you're stuck as to which plan to go for or how to set it up best for you, just message us in the Support tab of the app and we'll be waiting to take your running to the next level!

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