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Using your COROS watch with Runna and getting the most out of it
Using your COROS watch with Runna and getting the most out of it

Check out this handy guide to using your COROS with your Runna plan and setting it up to get the most out of your workout

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Benefits of training with a COROS watch

By pairing your Runna plan with your COROS watch, you’ll be coached through your workouts live as you run. For example if you’re doing an intervals session, you no longer need to remember and track the specific distances, paces and rests. Instead, your watch will automatically tell you how much further is left to run, what your current pace is and how that compares to your target. It’ll notify you when you need to speed up/slow down and even count down your rests so you know when to start running again. Once you've completed your session, you can then compare your runs against what your Runna plan set you!

For general training, you can use your COROS watch to track your runs, cycles and other activities (watch dependent) and view all of your fitness data post-workout such as paces, heart-rate and progression.

Pairing your COROS watch with your Runna plan

To pair your COROS watch with your Runna plan, head to your Runna Profile, click Connected Apps and turn on the COROS connection. You’ll be prompted to login with your COROS credentials and the workouts will be synced automatically to your COROS app and watch. When you switch plan or edit your current plan, we’ll automatically update your workouts for you. Please note that your COROS workout will appear in the same unit of measurement as your Runna plan so we recommend making sure your COROS account is configured to use that same unit of measurement.

Our COROS integration will automatically sync any future unlocked weeks to your COROS connect profile. For users on a free week, they'll get access to workouts from that week only. For Runna Premium users, we'll automatically sync the following 7 days of workouts to your profile.

On the days that you're not running, we've added free runs automatically into your calendar in case you'd like to do a run that's not scheduled for you.

Setting up your training calendar

After pairing your COROS account, you'll need to import your Runna training calendar into the COROS app by following the below steps:

1. Head to the COROS home screen and press 'My Training Plan'

Sync COROS plan 1

2. Press 'Add Plan' and click on Runna Training Plan

If you can't see this option, you may need to click Training Calendar, the three lines in the top right, then Training Plan Library

Sync COROS plan 2

3. Press 'Start training plan' and click 'Ok'

Sync COROS plan 3

How Coros handled Runna workouts

There are a few points to note about how Coros handles workouts that Runna sends.

  1. All Runna workouts will be entered under the same Plan in Coros. As shown above, this plan is titled Runna Training Plan. If you have multiple Runna plans, they will all be sent to this plan in Coros. In this way you will not need to repeat the above steps when starting a second Runna plan.

  2. Runna cannot send workouts to Coros on dates in the past. For this reason, when you link to Coros to Runna for the first time, workouts may appear on the same day in your Coros calendar. For example. If you are on Wednesday of week 2 of your plan and you link Coros, workouts From Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will all appear on Wednesday. We do this so that users can still see the full weeks workouts in their Coros app and choose to complete any of those workouts if they desire.

Setting up your COROS to get the most out of your workouts

There are a number of settings that we recommend configuring in order to make the most out of your Runna workouts when downloaded to your COROS watch.

Turn off auto-lap

By default, your COROS watch will automatically create a new ‘lap’ every 1km or 1mi. For the longer splits that we set you (e.g., 2km repeats) this means that the splits will automatically be lapped (split into a new step in your run) mid-way through which makes analysing your average pace afterwards difficult. We recommend turning off auto-lap when following your Runna workouts, but also recommend to turn it back on again if you’re going for a casual run, time-trial or race so that your watch will keep you updated on your pace.

Turn off auto-pause

Auto-pause will automatically pause your workout when it detects that you’ve stopped moving (e.g., at traffic lights). However, this can be a problem when running interval workouts since while you’re resting, even if walking around, it can detect that you’ve stopped running and pause the workout including the timer to start running again. We recommend turning off auto-pause and getting into the habit of manually pausing and resuming the workout when you are forced to stop running temporarily (e.g., at traffic lights).

Tracking your progress

After you’ve completed your run, your completed workout will then be stored in your Runna app, COROS app and optionally synced to Strava if you have enabled the connection from within the COROS app. You can then analyse your post-workout stats and compare them to the pace targets that you were set. If you’re consistently beating, or not making, your pace targets then we suggest editing them to make your targets challenging yet achievable.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about using your COROS watch with your Runna plan then please don’t hesitate to contact us. If it’s a problem using your watch, including technical issues, we’ll try and help as much as we can, but you may be required to contact COROS directly to get support.

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