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Top-tips for running over winter
Top-tips for running over winter

Summer PBs are made in winter - keep that progress going into the winter months with our top-tips

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We all know training in the Winter presents more challenges than that of Summer. From the shorter days, to the rainy evenings and the cold mornings, here are our top 5 tips to help get you out the door and keep your training going in the right direction!

1. Sign up for an event

Having an event in the diary to work towards gives you a reason to resist the temptation to snooze the alarm clock and fight the elements first thing. Pushing yourself through a savage interval workout is never easy, especially when you're not quite sure what you are training for. So find an event for the early Spring or even one over the Winter to give yourself a reason to grind it out with those tough sessions.

Check out Let's Do This if you're looking to find winter events near you.


2. Tell a friend / find a training buddy.

Having someone to hold you accountable or even just keep you company is so important! If you plan to go out on a run with a friend and put a date and a time to it then you can no longer procrastinate yourself out of doing that run as you won't only be letting yourself down, you will be letting your buddy down too. Even if your friends won't run with you, you can still tell a friend about the run you are planning to do. This will make you more likely to go out on that run.

3. Invest in Winter kit

No one likes to go out running when they know their fingers are going to freeze and their running top will get soaked through. Having proper running kit to keep you dry and warm through the winter is imperative. Invest in a good pair of gloves and maybe even some warmer socks. Having a few lightweight waterproof layers is really useful too as you never know when you will be caught in a downpour!

4. Cross Train

If you don't want to spend too much time running around on the cold and wet roads in winter you can swap some of your running training time out for cross training. Activities such as swimming, cycling and football all help keep your fitness levels up and you may find it fun to switch everything up a little.

5. Follow a plan

Following a plan helps you to keep on track with your training. This is because following a plan means you don't have to think about how far and what sort of run to do - the work is done for you. This will keep you on track with your training so that when summer rolls around again, you are ready to set all new PBs.

Good luck training over winter! We hope that these tips help you stay motivated to keep training over winter so that come summer the PBs come rolling in!

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