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Taper - Run Series 06
Taper - Run Series 06

Tapering is final prep before your race. Here we explain why it is important not to skip this stage

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Tapering is a really important part of the training process and one that shouldn't be overlooked! It involves significantly reducing the intensity and volume you run in the final few weeks going into important races. It might feel counterintuitive but it is a really important part of the training process and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Purpose of a taper

In the week or two before a race, provided you have accumulated a decent block of training, it is unlikely that you will gain any more fitness, so this is a great time to wind down and get ready to race. Winding down the training allows your body to recover and absorb the hard period of training so you can re-energise before the race effort. Hard training blocks can take a big toll on the body, sapping energy levels and reserves. By cutting out the amount of volume and intensity in the week leading up to the race you allow the body to catch up and recover so you are ready to be your best on race day.

Benefits of tapering

  • Replenish energy reserves

  • Repair Muscle damage

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Freshens up your body so you can give it your all on race day!

Coach Comment from Anya Culling

It’s getting close to race day and you are training less, so you are getting twitchy, feeling a bit lazy and getting restless. Completely normal to feel that way but don’t be tempted to add extra training at this stage. Embrace the downtime and focus on resting so you feel as fresh as possible for race day!

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