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Running skills
Running skills

Become a better runner by developing your running form and more

Coach Ben's Warm Up & Cool Down RoutinesImprove your running by adding a warm up and cool down to your training plan
Mobility and Pilates routines for runnersBecome more flexible and stronger with our stretching, mobility and pilates videos, specifically made for runners
How to improve your running formWant to run efficiently and reduce your chance of injury? Here are our top tips on how to nail your running form and run stronger!
Understanding and Training to Heart RateHere is everything you need to know about your heart rate and running
An introduction to barefoot runningThere are a number of benefits to running barefoot - in this article we've covered the benefits, risks and how to get started!
Everything you need to know about cadenceRunning cadence is often mentioned when we talk about running form. Here you can learn more on cadence and what to do to improve it.
Understanding RPE - Rate of Perceived ExertionRPE is a great subjective tool to assess your efforts. See below the benefits and how to make use of this.
Is my workout a threshold or tempo run?A threshold and a tempo run are two different types of running sessions. Here we explain they key differences.
Coach Steph's Warm Up & Cool Down RoutinesHere are some short warm up and cool down routines that will get you ready for your training sessions.
Coach Beth's Warm Up & Cool Down RoutinesGet the best out of your running by adding a warm up and cool down to your training plan
Foam rolling routine for runnersIn this guide, we've covered a 10 minute follow-along foam rolling routine specifically aimed at runners
Running: The Mental Health boost you needWe see it everywhere. People boasting about their runners high. But what exactly is it? It's not just about conquering steep hills (though kudos if you do!) rather, it’s the…
What is a Time Trial?Unsure whether to opt in for your time trial. Here we will help you decide!
Top Tips for Running a Time TrialYou've opted in to run a time trial. Here are some key things to consider!
80:20 Training Principle