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Standing Side Bend Exercise Tutorial
Standing Side Bend Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Standing Side Bend with correct form and technique

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The standing side bend really works the internal and external obliques, muscles which are essential for maintaining a strong core, a key component of maintaining stability and control whilst running.

To do the standing side bend you can use kettle bells or dumbbells. You should begin with your feet approximately hip width apart and the weight in one hand. Allow that hand to drop down the side of your body as far as you can without causing your body to move forwards or backwards. You should then pull yourself back up to centre powerfully.

If you are finding this movement easier you can make it more challenging by pressing the weight above your head and moving your feet wider apart before leaning down the opposite leg (the side of your body the weight is not on) and again coming back up powerfully. This variation will also work your shoulders.

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