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Goblet Squat Exercise Tutorial For Runners
Goblet Squat Exercise Tutorial For Runners

Find out how to do a Goblet Squat with correct form and technique

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A Goblet Squat is just like a traditional bodyweight squat, except with the addition of a weight. A Goblet Squat also differs from a back squat or barbell squat by reducing some of the tension on the back and using the weight as a counterbalance instead. Similar to a traditional bodyweight squat this is a lower body exercise which targets the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.

Begin the exercise with your weight tight into your chest. If you are using a kettle bell you should hold it upside down with your palms pressed against the bell and fingers pointing upwards. Similarly, if you are using a dumbbell you should hold it by one of the bells pressed between your palms. Set up in your squat position with feet just wider than hip width apart and toes angled slightly outwards. From here, squat down making sure your knees match the angles in the toes.

A man performing a front Squat with a sandbag- similar to a goblet squat

Throughout the movement it is essential to keep the weight really close into the body, pressing into our sternum as this ensures the weight does not have to all be carried by the arm muscles.

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