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Front Squat Exercise Tutorial
Front Squat Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Front Squat with correct form and technique

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Requiring slightly more mobility than the back squat, the front squat target the anterior chain, working into your quadriceps and upper back, in addition to the glutes and hamstrings.

To set up for a Front Squat stand underneath the bar. Have your arms shoulder width apart and palms facing forwards. Grip the bar and drive your elbows forwards, such that you are holding the bar against the front of your shoulders with your fingertips and your wrists are stretched over. Your feet should be just wider than hip width apart with our toes angled away from ourselves ever so slightly. From this position we will drop down into our usual squat position and push back up.

Throughout the exercise continue to think about driving your elbows up as high as you can to ensure the weight continues to go through the body rather than placing excessive pressure on the arms.

A man performing a front squat with a sandbag

If you are struggling to maintain the elbow and wrist position, perhaps if it is your first time doing a front squat or if you have slightly less mobility through your wrists, you can instead place the bar into the front rack position and hold it there by crossing your arms and placing your hands on your shoulders holding the bar in, almost against your throat. In this alternative we still want to drive our elbows up high and perform the same squat movement.

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