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Banded Toe Raise Exercise Tutorial
Banded Toe Raise Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Banded Toe Raise with correct form and technique

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The Banded Toe Raise is a really useful exercise for runners as it helps to strengthen down the front of the shin, which is a muscle we use every time we lift the foot up when running. This is a particularly useful preventative exercise if you have ever suffered with shin splints.

Set yourself up by securing your stretchy band to a secure object and wrapping it round your toes. Move away from the band until there is sufficient tension. You can place your lower leg (just above the ankle) onto a foam roller to reduce the chance of the band slipping off your foot.

From here, you should relax your foot forward before pulling your toes back in towards your body. Work through your full range of motion, bringing your toes as far down as possible without the band slipping off and then pulling them all the way up and flexing the foot as far as possible.

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