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How do personal records work in the Runna app?
How do personal records work in the Runna app?
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How are personal records calculated?

Your personal records and best efforts are calculated from the total time of an activity that you complete. The total time of an activity differs from the moving time in that it includes any pauses or rests you took while completing the activity.

Note: We currently only save personal records for outdoor activities. This is due to the relative difference in effort between indoor/treadmill workouts and outdoor workouts. However, you'll still be able to see your workout's best efforts for treadmill workouts.

How do current estimated times work?

Current estimated times are based on what we predict you can currently achieve based on the information you have provided. They will update automatically as your progress through your plan.

Can I edit my personal records?

Yes! Your personal records will automatically be calculated and updated when you add activities to Runna. However, if you want to edit this or add a PB from an activity you completed before signing up to Runna, you can do so by selecting the edit button on the personal record you would like to change before entering in your new time and pressing the 'Save' button.

NOTE: We might adjust your current estimated times based on the new personal best that you enter.

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