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Using 'Record on Treadmill' and how to get the most out of it
Using 'Record on Treadmill' and how to get the most out of it

With Record on Treadmill you can easily track treadmill runs. If you have a compatible treadmill, we even set speeds and inclines for you!

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Treadmill workouts

When you start your treadmill workout on the Runna app, you'll have the option of either connecting your phone to a compatible bluetooth treadmill or starting the workout without a treadmill connected. Either way, we'll guide you through the workout step by step, as well as showing your completed workouts in the activity tab of the Runna app.

Smart treadmills

Completing a smart treadmill workout is as simple as connecting to your treadmill through the Runna app and pressing start - the Runna app will do the rest. This involves automatically adjusting your speed and incline to match your Runna workout. But don't worry, you can still adjust your speed and incline manually from the treadmill itself, or from the Runna app (when using a treadmill with control capabilities).


As long as your treadmill has full FTMS Bluetooth capabilities, you should have no trouble completing a smart treadmill workout through the Runna app. Workouts with treadmills supporting older versions of Bluetooth FTMS can also be completed, but functionality here might be limited. We recommend the Noble Pro Elite E8.

Note: Not all FTMS compatible treadmills allow us to adjust your speeds/inclines. In this case, you will have to do this manually using the device's provided controls. The target speed/incline will be displayed in the Runna app.


If you believe that your treadmill has the required capabilities, but you can't connect your device to it from the Runna app and run a smart workout, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Double check that your treadmill supports the correct Bluetooth protocol (FTMS). Other smart workout protocols exist which we do not yet support. Information on the Bluetooth protocol your treadmill supports can be found through the treadmill manufacture's documentation - often on their website.

  2. Ensure that your treadmill has the latest software installed. Manufactures generally provide either over-the-air updates or some mechanism to manually install software updates for your treadmill. Please check the manufacture's website.

  3. Ensure that you are not connected to other smart exercise devices that could be interfering with your connection. You can check this through your device's Settings app > Bluetooth.

  4. Check that you have accepted all the necessary Runna app permissions. The following permissions are required to complete a smart treadmill workout:

    1. Bluetooth permissions

    2. Fine location accuracy permissions.

  5. Check that bluetooth has been turned on on the treadmill you are using.

  6. If you are in a gym with lots of Bluetooth enabled treadmills, please check that you are connecting to the correct one by using the signal strength indicator in the app.

If you have followed these steps but are still experiencing issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch and our team will investigate your issue further.

Non-smart treadmills

If your treadmill is not Bluetooth FTMS compatible, we have you covered with manual treadmill workouts. Just start a treadmill workout through the Runna app without a treadmill connected and we will guide you through the workout, estimating your distance based on the speed targets we have set you. At the end of your workout you will have the ability to manually edit your speeds for each lap, to ensure that any inaccuracies are accounted for.

In this mode, due to the time it takes for the belt to speed up and slow down, it is unlikely that the distance on your treadmill will match the distance on the Runna app. By adjusting your average speeds after completing the run, you'll be able to match these up more closely. To read more, see Why does my treadmill data not match what I see in the Runna app?.

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