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The Benefits of Training on a Treadmill
The Benefits of Training on a Treadmill

Running on a treadmill has numerous benefits for both beginners and expert athletes. Have a read here to find out why.

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Convenience and Accessibility

First of all, running on a treadmill provides unmatched simplicity and accessibility to all runners. Whether it's raining outside or you prefer to run inside, a treadmill allows you to run at any time of day, in the same conditions, all year round. A treadmill at home or in the gym can remove the need to go to a specific location to run, saving time for those who find it difficult to fit a run into their busy schedules. With Runna's record on treadmill feature you can easily track treadmill runs and if you have a compatible treadmill - we can even set speeds and inclines for you!

Controlled Environment

A treadmill allows you to run in a controlled and consistent environment. With the ability to instantly change the speed and incline to fit your specific training needs, a treadmill is extremely beneficial for users who want to simulate specific conditions such as hilly terrain. Treadmills are often a desirable choice for completing a speed focussed session when the use of a track is not possible. These sessions are ideally completed on flat, even ground and therefore a treadmill can provide the ideal conditions.


Treadmill running has a significant benefit in terms of the reduced impact on your joints. In contrast to running on hard pavement or uneven surfaces, the softer, slightly cushioned surface of most treadmills significantly reduces the impact on your joints. Treadmill workouts are therefore an excellent choice for those suffering from joint issues or recovering from an injury and can be utilised in your training as and when is beneficial to do so.

Tracking and Monitoring

Treadmills offer a variety of tracking and monitoring tools which allow you to conveniently track your running metrics during a training session. This data-driven approach to training can be very helpful for beginner runners, all the way up to top elite athletes. Having the option to precisely track performance in a consistent environment week after week can be extremely beneficial to track progress and make adjustments to your training.

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