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Banded Face Pulls Exercise Tutorial
Banded Face Pulls Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do Banded Face Pulls with correct form and technique.

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A Banded Face Pull is a great exercise to help open up your chest and counteract your press up type movements that target the chest. The Banded Face Pull will work on your upper back, specifically your rear deltoids and rotator cuffs.

To get set up, loop a long resistance band around a squat rack, lamp post or banister at about eye height. Step back until you feel medium tension through the band with your arms out straight, slight bend in the elbows and parallel to the ground. Shrug your shoulders back but keep neutral through your spine and core tight! By keeping your core engaged, it will help you stand tall, and improve your posture. Gazing forward, pull your elbows up and back, bringing the band up to eyebrow height. Lower back down with control and pull towards you with force.

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