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Crunch and Press Exercise Tutorial
Crunch and Press Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do a Crunch and Press with correct form and technique

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A Crunch and Press is a core exercise that also works the deltoids and pecs. It is a challenging exercise so it is important to master the technique before adding weight. This is primarily a core exercise so if the weight is too heavy, your core position will be compromised.

Begin by sitting on the floor in a sit up position. If you are new to this exercise then keep both feet on the floor and dig your heels into the ground throughout the movement. If you are more advanced, then cross over your ankles and lift your feet slightly off the floor. Hold a DB or KB in each hand and chest height. Start off light to ensure you have mastered the technique before pushing the weight.

Once in position, crunch up by squeezing your core muscles whilst maintaining a neutral spine and holding the weights at chest height. At the top, hold the crunch position whilst you press the weights up and out above your head. Repeat for the instructed number of reps before lowering down slowly and with control.

It is important to keep your core engaged throughout the whole movement. Head and spine should always be in a neutral position too.

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