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Pogo Jumps Exercise Tutorial
Pogo Jumps Exercise Tutorial

Find out how to do pogo jumps with the correct form and technique.

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Pogo jumps are a great plyometric exercise that helps improve the stretch-shortening cycling in the calves and achilles.

This essentially speeds up the rate of the muscle contraction, which you can then transfer to your running! In short, the explosive power you build can help increase your sprinting speed.

How to do pogo jumps

Pogo jumps are a double leg, vertical jumping exercise, which focuses on minimal ground contact.

Place your hands on your hip and focus on getting as high off the ground as fast as possible. The contact with the ground should be quick and fast on the balls of your feet.

Think of it like a pogo stick!
Try to stay light and springy, using your ankles and calves to generate the bounce.

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