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How to set up Audio Cues in your Runna App
How to set up Audio Cues in your Runna App

Your ultimate guide to receiving live coaching as you run!

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For any workouts where you're set paces, you will have the option to receive live audio pacing, available on the Runna App on a Smartphone, Apple Watch and Garmin Integration. This way you won't need to rely on looking at your watch as much, making your training easier than ever.

Apple Watch

To enable audio cues on the Apple Watch, swipe right on the home screen to access the settings menu and turn on Audio Cues. You can adjust the volume of these cues too by going to the settings screen, clicking on volume and turning the digital crown.

The Audio Cues will play out of different places depending on how your Watch is connected:

  • Watch and phone are not connected to headphones - Audio Cues will play out of the Apple Watch speaker

  • Watch is connected to headphones - Audio Cues will play through the headphones, dimming the music

  • Phone is connected to headphones - Audio Cues will play through the phone and then onwards through the headphones

For the best experience, we would recommend you connect your headphones to your Apple Watch and Start both your music and run from your watch. This way, the audio cues and music will both play through your earphones.


If you connect your Garmin to headphones to listen to music / podcasts then it can be helpful to receive pace and audio alerts through your headphones too. On your Garmin app head to your watch settings (image of your watch at the top of the home screen) and click Audio Prompts and enabled Workout Alerts, Activity Alerts, Lap Alerts and Pace/Speed Alerts. See what you get on with and feel free to enable/disable as necessary.


Connect your earphones to your phone to receive live coaching. To ensure your audio cues are switched on, head to 'Record run' > 'Run Settings'. Here you'll also be able to dictate which audio prompts you receive.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about getting the most out of your device and receiving audio cues, then please donโ€™t hesitate to reach out via the Support Tab. Happy running!

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